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personnes qui s'aident mutuellement à évoluer vers l'avenir avec un accompagnement de qualité

Estabishments or services providing assistance through work are primarily medico-social institutions which are essentially governed by the provisions of the code Social Action and Families.

They are not ordinary business,but their economic activity is central to their role and operation.The work carried out in ESAT, it's a true econmic value,and not an occupational value.

These performed work structures in which people with conditions and receive social and eductional support.

These structures are fully in line with ordinary econmic activity,they are subject toits constraints and requirements.

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The different aspect of our commitment

mains qui se serrent

The foundation of our action and much more than a source of income: sociazation,learning,reintegration.We work to gether so that users can do a job adapted to their ability.The work is a gateway.We adaptour services in a logic of continuous innovation.

Social life
mains qui s'associent pour collaborer ensemble

Outside the ESAT, life goes on and we accompagny,without intrusion,the workers in their administrusion, the workers in their administrative procedures (housing,transport,document,....)

dossier à mettre à jour pour réaliser des formations et acquérir de nouvelles compétences

Develop and acquire new skills,acquire great freedom of expression through various support activities (sport,art,.....) and open up to the environment in orden to take part in the ordinary one.

personnes qui pensent ensemble

Communicate to make information accessible and promote understanding. Being available and listening,allow to diasbled person, the opportunity to express their potential, skills and know-how.

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